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Interview With Payments Compliance News On Cross-Border Payments In Asia

I was interviewed recently by Jimmy Franklin from Payments Compliance News, a payments industry news service from Vixio, on the state of play of cross-border payments in Asia.  It’s clear that the competitive landscape in Asia is heating up, with a mix of large players and emerging providers fighting for a piece of this rapidly growing market.  Here’s the quote he used regarding Payoneer and other established players:

According to Scott Reynolds, California-based founder of the consultancy firm Global Payments Insight, the region’s payments market is not saturated yet but is becoming a lot more competitive.

“For their first ten or so years they had the market to themselves, but now many companies have woken up to opportunities in the cross-border payments space,” Reynolds said.

“The pie is growing, but competition for a slice of it is as well.”

The full article includes a number of interesting perspectives on the broader cross-border payment market trends.  You can read it here:

Payments Compliance – Cross-Border Payments in Asia